Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver

Dishes that clean and treat. A boom of silver-craze has accrued all over the globe today. Especially in developed countries, where a mass practice has become also adding silvered water into food. The reason is high therapeutic, preventive and hygienic effectiveness of these preparations with content of the noble metal at actually complete absence of a side effect. Not without the reason, Internet contains a large amount of approving comments about characteristics of colloidal silver and pharmacists suggest vying with each other silver-containing miracle-cures. The provost on a science work of Carpathian national university of V. Stefanica, Dr. of chemical sciences Ivan Myronyuk suggested use the newest achievements at ceramics. He developed the special technology in application of colloidal silver on unglazed dishes and organized production of experimental samples. Some samples were transferred to NAS of Ukraine for experiments. Results confirmed the most brave expectations: water, that were in ceramics jugs, processed by colloidal silver, has got complete sterilization and fully cleaned from specially injected pathogenic bacteria during days. Based on conducted analyzes, NAS of Ukraine issued appropriate certificate. Silver-containing dishes have also and therapeutic features. This is due to cellular structure of unglazed ceramics. Thanks to it, colloidal silver, contained into an external lay of ceramic, interacts intensively with the liquid and emits ions Ag+. They render an bactericidal effect on microorganism, clean water and prevent extension in it pathogenic microorganisms. So, ions of silver not only raise hygienic quality of prepared dish and provide it durable preservation, but also permeate in homeopathic doses into human organism and realize therapeutic and preventive effect.

National academy of sciences of Ukraine Institute of colloidal chemistry and chemistry of water of A.V. Dumansky NAS Ukraine

Scientific and technological center of water testing 03680, Kiev, boulevard Academ. Vernadsky, 42


Definition of disinfecting effect into ceramics, produced into fictile shops “Pokutska ceramics” of businessman Bogdan Mikhailovich Mikityuk

This certificate confirms that Scientific and technological center of water testing of Institute of colloidal chemistry and chemistry of water of A.V. Dumansky NAS Ukraine has done testing of composite ceramics containing nanoscale pieces of silver into its structure. Results of chemical analyze of water that were into ceramics during one day, shown presence of silver in it. Based on microbiological tests were founded that taken place complete sterilization of water containing injected pathogenic culture E.coli during one day.

Director of Institute Akadem.

NAS Ukraine V.V. Goncharuk