Practical advice

Practical advice
  • Terracotta ware absorbs a smell of food so you need to use certain wares for certain food (e.i. to use fish dishware for fish food only or milk dishware for milk products only.
  • Before cooking you need to put a pot and its cover into cold water for 15 minutes, pores of dishware absorb some moisture and food will be more succulent.
  • If you want to get a taste of steam food then put dishware in hot water for 15 minutes.
  • Food in pot does not burn so you can cook without fat.
  • Terracotta holds high and low temperatures so you can use it for oven, electrical or gas stove.
  • Dishware does not hold a temperature drop. So do not put it on open fire or into oven when it is cold.
  • If you want to make a coffee in coffee pot you need to use flame spreader.
  • If food is getting thick during cooking just add warm water. Do not use cold water otherwise pot can split up.
  • Try to wash dishware without synthetic cleaning agent or using a minimum of it because pores of dishware absorb smell.  The best solution is usage warm water with soda.
  • Cleaned dishware should be well aired.
  • Make sure that dishware is dried before putting it into cupboard.
  • Do not worry if your pot got moldy. Just burn it into oven then wash in warm water with soda and dry well.
  • Do the same actions mentioned above if you want to get out of smell.