All of it started from that when Anton drove with his father to choose a profession after graduating a school. First was one institution, than second and third ones. He felt “it is mine!”, when he came in pottery workshop at Kosivskiy institute. It was a beginning.

Anton learnt, as said, that was. Sometimes his works were put as an example – not to do like this. But from the first day, in Anton’s head was born a dream to revive pottery traditions on Gorodenkivsk region, that all Ukraine have known it and said “It is Pokutska ceramics”.

The family has supported as they can, but laughed a little and named Anton’s deal as workshop “A little horse”. But Anton, as returned from the education, immersed with the head into his passion. Together with the father, they built an oven, rebuilt a garage in a workshop, and gathered a potter’s wheel. First works were rough and failed. Anton was upset a lot when he saw ceramics of more skilled masters. But it did not stop him absolutely, vice versa; it helped for work more and more. That is his character – assertive and persistent.

And than something happened. First orders began to appear. The deal began to move little by little. And finally began to draw near the internal forces – the family believed that this idea need support and raise. The father Michael Mikityuk, known journalist and psychologist at Gorodenkivsk region, helped to create stylistics and ornamentation, led Anton’s energy to required channel. These works were very interesting. First sculptural attempts were a bull at embroidery, a goose with marvelous hat, pots in the form of a pig and a ram. These attempts are Pokutska ceramics’ assortment now, but actually they are a little changed and improved eventually.

Anton works at the workshop now. Cousins, Igor and Taras, mother Natalka and sister Christa help him. Father manages by creative development. Older Anton’s brother, Bogdan, takes on himself all work on production provision of the workshop. His wife, Maria, leads financial deals and is engaged in the Internet shop and information’s expansion at the Web, and together with the father, Michael, writes articles and reviews about ceramics, Ukrainian traditions and life’s philosophy. The uncle of Mikityuk’ brothers prepares a clay for a pottery, brought from Kolomiysky career. Everybody found the work for the soul. There is the business not just for the family. Neighbors help. Friends help. They do as can – set equipment, repair something, and somebody looks and gives a valuable advice. How be without advices…


“Pokutska keramika” workshops are the production association of creative people. Their goal is revival, renovation and implementation of ecological pure earthenware made according to ancient technology of  Pokut’ya potters. Therefore production marked by the sign ГМ “Покутская Керамика” satisfies the requirements of ecological compatibility, ethnicity and usability, which define specific features of this style.


We think about usability of our products at first. Therefore strategic direction of our production is houseware for daily use, handmade but not expensive and comfortable in use.

Ecological compatibility

Ecological compatibility of our products is  achieved by two ways:

- usage of high-quality raw

-  natural production


Raw component. Pokutska ceramics is made of blue clay that has well known unique medicinal properties. Besides blue clay can be mixed with yellow one in certain proportion, the main property of the latter is  the ability  to absorb toxins from body.

Production component. Pokutska ceramics is a natural ceramic product and this is a qualitative difference from ordinary housware. We do not use chemical components as glaze, enamels, paints and components that smooth nature medicinal properties of the clay.

Products of  «Pokutska ceramics » have sanitary certificate.


Ancient style is a basis, but imitation of anciency only is a way to nowhere. Nowdays necessity is in wisdom of centuries for contemporary use . Therefore the central idea of «Pokutska ceramics » is modernized anciency, with the direction, which combines pure materials and exclusiveness of individual choice (that was attributable for ancient masters) with technological opportunities of modern potters.

Each product is unique and handmade produced on a  potter’s wheel with no casting or mechanical stamping . We combined ancient and modern methods of production. We use milk firing  after the old recipes of Pukut’ya masters and  natural hot wax instead of wide-spread chemical glazes. We invented our own modern technique, which allow  to create a design of old rubbed ware. Our main goals are continuous renewal of old ware forms and creation of new ones that have never existed before, but rather popular nowadays.


Anton Mikityuk is a main acting person. He is a ceramist, a potter, a sculptor and also the father of beautiful son, named Romchik. His character is assertive and persistent. He gets excited quickly, but can do a deal till the end. He is a heart of a workshop, an engine of a progress, tireless motor. He works from 6 a.m. and till the end.

Mikhaylo Mikityuk. The Great Michael. The father. The father of all family. The father of all business. His individual signs are the height under two meters, blue eyes and long mustache. He is the soul of workshop, which gives birth and realizes endless ideas – real and unreal.

The mother Natalka. Nobody ate, drank and sank pots into milk without her. And then the business was died definitely. She like very much to work with ceramics and bargain at fairs. Somebody can bargain a bigger discount from her then from other!

Bogdan Mikityuk. He is, as called, “on all matters”. The Great Schemer. He takes for all what other don’t want or can do. He lives on these two percentages. He is an unsurpassed specialist at the field of wares’ loading into an oven (in the teeth of physics’ laws).

Taras Palamarchuk. He is a modeling master. He models everything from the beginning till the end and corrects what is wrong. Generally, he is a very great fine fellow and artist. 

Igor Palamarchuk. He is a decorating master. He puts an ornament so fast that “ears have wrapped”. He is also a football player. He plays for a local team during pauses between ornamentation. He has learnt to play the guitar and known some tricks that give odds to Copperfield. Nothing to do without tricks at the pottery.

Svetlana Lyhach. She is a main specialist on polishing. She is the best at this business across Ukraine. She wants to migrate to Italy, but her passport has kept at the reliable site.

Christa. Everybody appeals to her if need a help. She is a wide profile specialist. She is a beautiful and clever girl as well as she has an acute word in reply. 

Boris Rudnyakov (Rizhik). It is a security for 24 hours. It is a very massive dog. It warms up near with the Bullerian oven at the workshop in winter. In summer it protects disposed jugs at the yard from alien cats and dogs, if it isn’t at a little apartment.

Mica. It is a red dachshund, which has a color of a jug sank into milk. Sometimes it gets what one deserves from Anton for unguided tail’s actions and from the mother for dug flowers.

 A lot of cats. They live in the yard. Sometimes they disappear and new ones appear instead of previous. They purr, drink up a rest of milk, don’t clash with Rizhik and, as all cats, wait for their spring.