Try to do all that our project has been alive and developed; invite to cooperation everyone who wishes.

With greatest satisfaction all of your proposals will be reviewed.

Write to our e-mail

Leave your responses, comments, wishes and remarks.

Invite to cooperation all, who like our ceramics and who want to work with us in one direction.

There is one very important moment in our proposition. Emphasize it at first that will be clear, how we will build our relationships with those, to whom have addressed this proposition.

We don’t propose work, we don’t propose a warm place under the sun, and we don’t propose a vacancy.

We propose our business to a man, who will be excited and will be worked on itself, but at the same time together with us. So, won’t be any salary, but will be a fair income, initial conditions for it we’ve proposed.

What does it mean?

Currently, Pokutska ceramics have:

Accumulated base of clients;
Registered trade mark;
Certain output and assortment that is in continuous evolution.
So, we propose to get involved into finished working system that has some developments and perspectives.

What we give:

Possibility to use our trade mark;
Products on beneficial conditions (conditions are determined for each specific case);
Forwarding of orders on certain region that are come through our online store;
Possibility of passive income (percentage income from orders of individual and wholesale clients).
What are our requirements:

Opening of outlet (it can be as leased little area, verbally a stand of products, as and a big own store, doesn’t matter) for your own expenses, your forces;
Self registration and transaction of accounting and tax reckoning;
Abidance of entire price policy;
Transaction of sales statistics (monthly report);
Minimum volume of sales (set for an each individual case).
Review all your propositions, questions, remarks concerning this form of cooperation. Want to emphasize that it is flexible and that we have opened for discussion of an each individual proposal from your side.

Apart from a standard resume, we would like to see what a human you are, what aims and objectives you can see in this life, what are you interested, what are the principles you live, what you want from life, how you’d like to build your work in our system.

We are waiting your applications on our e-mail with pleasure.