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We offer cost-efficient ceramics wholesale.

Pottery wholesaleConsider ceramic cookware wholesale from the manufacturer. We have an individual approach to every client, we are open for communication and ready to discuss prices. The site contains retail prices. Certainly, wholesale prices are less. They depend on three factors:

1.The total amount of the ordered products,

2.The number of items of one kind,

3.The regularity of orders.

So, it’s all clear: increasing any of these factors (or all three) decreases the price.

Again, we are ready to listen to and discuss every proposal. We can start manufacturing product by your request.

We cooperate with private and legal persons, and with foreign customers as well. Wearehonoredtopresentourpotteryabroad.

Pottery wholesaleThere is a wonderful kind of souvenirs you can buy in the Ciscarpatian: beautiful, national-style, and practical (meaning they are used in household). These are the works of our pottery workshop, the “Pokutska ceramics”.

The goal of our production association is not only to revive the ancestral craftsmanship, but vivify it and put to use. Just as in old days, the products are environmentally friendly, practical, ethnic. How is that achieved?

All the materials are eco-friendly – the highest priority is given to that. In production the ancient pottery techniques of Pokuttya (a historical area of Ukraine) are used. No chemical glazes, enamels and paints.

Pottery wholesale buyCeramic tablewareand other items are made of rare blue clay with unique healing properties. In certain proportion it is mixed with yellow clay, which removes toxins from body.

Natural production and raw materials of high quality give the desired result. Such homeware is not just unharmful, it contributes to your health. All products have quality certificates of SES (Sanitary and Epidemiological Station).

Ceramics wholesale.

Practical advantages of buying ceramics in bulk from the manufacturer

Pottery wholesaleOur pottery workshop produces mostly things for everyday household use. They are inexpensive, considering that it is, for example, handmade (and quite handy) crockery for everyday use. Besides, the cost is much less when buying in bulk.

Other crafts are also available: necklaces and other bijouterie, candle holders, lamps, figurines. Can you call it impractical, unnecessary things? And can anyone refuse to have a bull in an embroided shirt or a goose in a hat at home?

A dream of our workshop’s creator came true, and in Horodenkivshchyna (a Ukrainian region with the centre in Horodenka, in the area of historical Pokuttya) an ancient craftsmanship was reborn. It is known all over Ukraine and abroad. “Pokutska ceramics” is a brand.

Pottery wholesale buyBuying ceramics in bulk from the manufacturer is a bargain on all hands – on cost as well as due to impossibility of forgery. The workshop vouch for its products, and they are as flawless as stated.

A typical product of “Pokutska ceramics” is an example of all-Ukrainian style, which is characterized by restraint – no unnecessary elements. Minimalism in everything – form, decor, color. No artificiality – just expediency, rectified by centuries of rural labor. The ware is everyday-like and does not have regional attributes, as crockery for celebrations usually do. For centuries, such cookware was present in each Ukrainian hut.

Modern ceramics trends from the heart of Ukraine

Pottery wholesaleThankstotheworkofmastersfromPokuttya, in today Ukraine you canbuy ceramics in bulk, as in old days. These products are a development of ancestors’ craftsmanship, since modern technological capabilities are added to traditional recipes. Newforms, previouslyunknown, areconstantlybeinginvented.

All creations are exclusive and handmade, which means no two exactly alike. As before, the main tool is a potter's wheel. Casting or forging is not an option. Using the technique of milk firing gives the product a vintage look. There are also our own new inventions, exceptionally natural. Forexample, waxisusedformakingglaze.

A little something about ceramic cookware from a Ukrainian manufacturer

Pottery wholesalePottery with a porous surface. When cooking it is able to pick up moisture from the food, and return it during the cooling. Its ability to adjust the humidity prevents the dish from burning and allows it to be prepared with small amount of fat.

Pottery cools slowly, the food in it is well baked through and remains warm for a long time. Tea in a clay mug doesn’t cool off at once. Andit'ssonicetokeepsuchmuginyourhands!

Such ceramics excellently keeps its contents cool, as well as hot. A cold drink from it on a hot day is the best thing one can think of.

Ceramiccontainersaregoodforstorageofpowderyandbulkproducts, preventingthemfromgettingdamp.

Pottery wholesale buyOur cookware carries positive energy of our homeland’s clay and the warmness of our potter’s hands. We have a team of friendly, creative people, and every single thing we make with love.

The pottery must be well washed and dried, and that is all the care that it needs. You may have seen a picture of a traditional Ukrainian household – a bleached hut, clay jugs and pots on the fence. That is how they were dried in the sun, getting ready for further use.

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